Points to teach the elderly to buy crutches

Crutches are a living thing that many old people need in their old age, so what kind of crutches are qualified? Today, let’s see how the old people can choose their own crutches.

When the crutch is heavy, it will be laborious to use; when it is light, it will feel floating again. Will feel that the use is not stable enough. Therefore, it’s better to choose a crutch with a steady feeling, such as a solid wood or a thick bamboo head.

Too long or too short will make the supporting point unnatural: if it is high, it will make the body incline upward, which is easy to cause the old man’s foot not to step on firmly; if it is low, it must bend forward and walk uncomfortable. The most appropriate height of crutches should be the height from the ground to the skin striae of the wrist when people stand upright and their hands are naturally drooping.

In general, if the physical condition of the elderly is not too bad, the crutches with one foot can be selected. However, if the elderly have poor balance ability, or have a history of stroke, arthritis or leg injury, poor support, etc., it is better to choose a multi foot one to enhance the support to the body.

The types and materials of crutches are various, among which bamboo and wood are the most. Chinese like to use bamboo sticks, which are light and flexible. Other crutches include rattan, red sandalwood, Redwood, boxwood, dragon subduing wood, ox horn, tooth, bone, metal, etc. It is said that the shady wood walking stick is the most rare. The shady wood is the wood buried in the soil due to the change of the earth’s crust. Generally, it is made of fir “shady”. The quality of the crutch is solid and durable, but it is rare and hard to find.

Cane cane is a kind of natural cane, which is made of wild cane. The most common one is that the wild cane of white cane is bent into the shape of umbrella handle. Generally, one to two years later. It belongs to common products.

Shady wood is a rare product, which is generally used for carving. A piece of shady wood about 10 cm long is already very rare, and it should be valuable to form a crutch. It’s not something ordinary people can have.

Red beech and brown purple bamboo crutches and red chestnut crutches are light, flexible, bright and durable in color. They can be carved with dragons and Phoenix. They are generally accepted as gifts for the elderly by many Chinese people.

Zanthoxylum crutch: Zanthoxylum is not a precious wood. There are Zanthoxylum plants in the north and south of the country, but Zanthoxylum belongs to the shrub family, which is not easy to grow, and it takes 5-8 years. A prickly ash tree can only be made into a walking stick by taking its trunk. Zanthoxylum is covered with prickly pimples. According to Li Shizhen’s Compendium of Materia Medica, Zanthoxylum has the medical value of promoting qi and blood circulation, attacking poison with poison, treating hemp with hemp, the handball made of Zanthoxylum, and the crutch made of Zanthoxylum all have the medical effect and physical diagnosis and treatment value for the elderly with numbness of hands and feet and poor Qi and blood. In some cities in the north, the best birthday gift for the elderly is a Chinese prickly ash leading stick, which is also a symbol of filial piety and the happiness of generations. It belongs to the top grade of old people’s crutches.

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