Double faced workers,Mental needs balance

David is a salesman. He always smiles when he sees customers. For work and future, he has to swallow his grievances. But when he came home from work, he always frowned. One day, his wife asked him a few more questions, and the anger came up at once, roaring at his wife.

Nowadays, such “double faced workers” are not uncommon. In the work, many people want to set up a confident and generous image for themselves or the company due to business needs. Many people tend to deliberately show their positive and sunny side, and even force themselves to play a role that is totally opposite to their character. For example, the original introverted people let themselves talk more, smile more, and actively communicate with others. However, people’s psychology needs to be balanced. If they always hide and repress, when they change to another environment, such as going home, they often strongly hope to seek compensation and fully release their “true temperament”.

It’s understandable to take home as an emotional outlet occasionally, but if you do this for a long time, you will not only feel remorse and remorse repeatedly, but also your family’s emotions will inevitably be affected, and you will lose the ability to “heal” your wounds, but “not worth it”.

Therefore, it’s better to take off the mask and show your true feelings at work, instead of being difficult. In addition, a real person with distinct personality can make people feel more reliable, easier to get along with, and easier to move people. Instead of making too many superficial images and attitudes, it’s better to try to increase your strength and connotation, gradually adjust your personality, stick to the characteristics of optimism, diligence and modesty, and gradually become a habit, rather than “smile for smile”.

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