Three alternative ways to lose weight to help you control your appetite

It is very difficult to control appetite. To control appetite, you don’t have to control your mouth. You can also use other ways to achieve your goal. Some foods can not only satisfy the appetite, but also control the food and help lose weight. Here are a few kinds of diet foods that can help you effectively control your appetite and achieve the goal of weight loss.

Resisting appetite is always the pain in the hearts of who are in the process of losing weight. Everytime always says “I don’t eat” to oneself numerous times, then announces the compromise, finally reluctantly raised the “white flag”. Now, we have a lot of tips for you to lose weight. From then on, your “appetite” will decide.

“Fluid food diet” is a new trend of weight loss in the United States. Its theoretical basis is that fluid food is easier and faster to produce fullness than solid food. Therefore, experts suggest that you should set aside three soup days a week, with a variety of low-fat soup as the main food, so that you can feel full and not add too much burden to your stomach.

However, the soup in the “time” and “speed” is also exquisite. As the saying goes, “soup before meals is slim and healthy; soup after meals is fatter and fatter.”. Studies have shown that drinking a bowl of soup before a meal can help people absorb 100-190 kcal less heat. The reason is that if you drink soup before meals, your mouth and esophagus will be lubricated, which can prevent dry and hard food from stimulating the digestive tract mucosa, which is conducive to the dilution and mixing of food, promoting digestion and absorption. More importantly, drinking soup before meals can make the food in the stomach fully close to the stomach wall, enhance the sense of fullness, thus inhibiting the feeding center and reducing people’s appetite. At the same time, nutritionists also pointed out that eating soup slowly will leave enough time for food digestion and absorption. When you feel full, you just eat it properly.

Instead of making diet pills, emetics and Chang Qing tea fly all over the world, it’s better to slightly modify your daily habits and change the details of your life. In fact, you can easily lose weight without a big fight.

As long as you brush your teeth scientifically sooner or later, it will not only keep your teeth healthy and bright, but also effectively inhibit your appetite. Traditional Chinese medicine experts tell us that the thick tongue coating on the tongue is the root of our appetite, which can’t be stopped all day. Often eat some fat sweet thick taste, tongue coating will become thick, tobacco, wine, coffee, barbecue, spicy food will also make tongue coating thickening. When the tongue coating thickens, the saliva secretion will be reduced, and the sensitivity of taste buds will be reduced, so that no matter how much you eat, you will not feel full. Only when the taste is oil, salty, sweet, spicy and stimulating can you feel comfortable in your mouth and feel comfortable in your heart, which finally leads to loss of appetite.

In addition, peppermint toothpaste has the most “hunger stopping” effect. When you want to eat, brush your teeth with a mint toothpaste, and the strong smell of mint will fill your mouth, which is very effective in suppressing appetite.

For many people, chocolate can be described as a sweet temptation, greedy for its unparalleled taste, but often because of fear of body shape and “fall into” contradictory choices.

Researchers from the National Institute of food and nutrition in Rome, Italy, found that eating dark chocolate can actually improve the level of antioxidants in the body, which is conducive to the prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, as well as weight loss and beauty. In addition, a large part of the fat in dark chocolate is unsaturated fat, which will not be converted into “fat”. In addition, in the process of digestion and absorption, some fat and heat in the body will be burned at the same time. Therefore, it has become popular among urban people who pursue high quality and healthy life to consume dark chocolate moderately every day. Hershey recently launched a special dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 65%. For the “chocolate control” that wants to lose weight, it is delicious and can help lose weight more effectively.

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