Seasonal changes have a direct impact on people with depression

Before and after the snowy season, the weather is often cold and dark, and people’s mood will be affected by it. Especially those who suffer from depression are more likely to aggravate the condition, so I want to focus on and suffer from depression in this solar terms. My friends talk about how to learn to nurse themselves in days when there is less light.
Using the view of Chinese medicine: “Angers hurt the liver, like sadness, think of hurting the spleen, sadness of the lungs, fear of hurting the kidneys.” It shows that the human mental state reflects and embodies the mental and psychological activities of people, and the health of mental and psychological activities directly affects the occurrence and development of mental illness, and can also be said to be the key to the development of mental illness. Therefore, Chinese medicine believes that the relationship between mental activity and depression is very close. It is not unreasonable to attribute the cause of depression to seven emotions. Therefore, it is particularly important to adjust the health of a person to suffer from depression.
In addition, modern medical research has found that seasonal changes have a direct impact on patients with depression, because in the neurotransmitters associated with depression, the brain serotonin system is closely related to seasonal changes. In spring and summer, the serotonin system has the strongest function, and the weakest autumn and winter seasons, when the sunshine time is reduced, causing the lack of serotonin in the brain of patients with depression, followed by a series of symptoms such as insomnia, irritability, pessimism, and disgusting.
Looking at the perspectives of Chinese and Western medicine, in order to avoid the unfavorable factors brought to depression friends in winter, I suggest that everyone become passive and take the initiative. You may wish to use the pleasure of the pipe to adjust the law. “The life of a mortal is also a joy, a worry is a loss of discipline. The anger is lost, the sorrows and anger, the Tao is nowhere.” Adjust your mindset, stay optimistic, and enjoy anger, often participate in some outdoor activities to enhance physical fitness, more sun to keep the serotonin in the brain stable, listen to music and let the wonderful melody add life to your life.

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