The dangers of anger , teach you how to deal with bad temper

When angry, the human body will secrete a substance called “catecholamine”, which acts on the central nervous system, raising blood sugar, strengthening the decomposition of fatty acids, and correspondingly increasing the toxins in blood and liver cells.

When angry, a lot of blood flows to the head, so the oxygen in the blood will be reduced and the toxin will increase. And toxin can stimulate hair follicle, cause inflammation of varying degrees around hair follicle, thus causing the problem of color spots.

A large amount of blood flows to the brain, which will increase the pressure of cerebral blood vessels. At this time, the blood contains the most toxins and the least oxygen, which is no less than a dose of “poison” to brain cells.

Anger can cause sympathetic excitement, and directly act on the heart and blood vessels, so that the blood flow in the gastrointestinal tract is reduced, peristalsis is slowed down, appetite becomes poor, and gastric ulcer will be induced in serious cases.

A large amount of blood rushed to the brain and face, which will reduce the blood supply to the heart and cause myocardial hypoxia. In order to meet the needs of the body, the heart has to work twice, so the heartbeat is more irregular and deadly.

When emotional impulse, breathing will be rapid, and even excessive ventilation phenomenon. The alveoli keep expanding, without time to contract, they will not get the relaxation and rest they should have, thus endangering the health of the lungs.

When angry, the brain commands the body to make a cortical sterol that is converted from cholesterol. If this kind of material accumulates too much in the body, it will hinder the action of immune cells and reduce the resistance of body beads.

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