Facial wrinkle removal for sagging skin

The effect of facial wrinkle removal is much better than that of deep wrinkles. The deep and long wrinkles are often called “dead pleats”. “Dead fold” is due to the repeated relaxation and contraction of facial expression muscles and the poor elasticity of skin, which makes the wrinkles that should be recovered soon after the expression action is completed, forming permanent wrinkles. For example, raised head lines, fishtail lines, smile lines and neck lines and so on. After the operation, although the wrinkles were relieved, there were still obvious traces. In order to solve this problem, cosmetic surgeons have adopted a method of filling, as an auxiliary operation of rhytidectomy, which has a good effect. Of course, the filling method can also be used alone.

Filling and wrinkle removal is actually to make up the difference between the tissue height of both sides and the center of wrinkles, so as to achieve the effect of wrinkle removal. In terms of operation, filling and wrinkle removal can be divided into two methods: injection method and threading method.

Injection wrinkle removal method: at present, the main filling material for injection is bovine collagen. Under local anesthesia, the filling material is injected into the skin and subcutaneous skin of wrinkles with syringes. The immediate effect is very satisfactory, and the operation is very simple. However, bovine collagen is a biological material that will be partially absorbed by the body, so it sometimes needs to wait three months before injection.

Thread and wrinkle removing method: it is to fill tissue lines or strips, use the suture needle to sew them under the skin of wrinkles and leave them under the skin to fill the wrinkles. Early doctors used catgut and nylon thread to fill the wrinkles. Because of the material, either allergy or infection ended in failure. With the progress of medical materials, the expanded polytetrafluoroethylene suture introduced by Gore company of the United States has solved the problem of allergic rejection well, and can make the self tissue grow into the micropores of the suture, so that the self tissue and the suture “melt” into one. This material is still soft, elastic and not absorbed, so it is the first choice material for filling wrinkles by threading at present.

The method of filling and removing wrinkles is not the only way to remove “dead wrinkles”. Through grinding, laser and chemical peeling, some skin tissues on both sides of wrinkles can be removed to reduce the height difference between them and the central tissue of wrinkles, and the deep and long wrinkles can also be removed.

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