Eat more pears in dry climate

According to traditional medicine, it is easy to have liver wind and liver fire in spring, which may lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in serious cases. The public should pay attention to strengthening their physique and resisting the invasion of pathogenic factors. In this period, the health-care diet can focus on moistening the lungs and strengthening the spleen. Eating pears is a good way.

When the weather is suddenly warm and cold, the climate is still relatively dry, it is easy to make the population dry tongue, sore throat and hoarse voice. In addition, some bacteria and viruses start to reproduce, and it is easy to suffer from respiratory diseases, cough, expectoration and other symptoms. Pear taste sweet, has the effect of clearing away heat and nourishing Yin, promoting pharynx and promoting body fluid, moistening throat and resolving phlegm, and is rich in fruit acid, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, etc., which is especially suitable for this season. When eating, we can take the methods of extracting juice after peeling, steaming, slicing, boiling water with sugar, tremella and so on. However, due to the cold nature of pears, it is not suitable to eat too much at one time, or it will hurt the spleen and stomach.

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