Climbing in autumn can increase vital capacity significantly

Because of the unique climate in autumn, the change of meteorological elements has special benefits to human physiological function. Climbing in autumn, the air in the forest area is fresh, the dust and pollutants in the air are less, the content of negative ions is high, which can significantly increase the lung ventilation and vital capacity, enhance the blood circulation, increase the cerebral blood flow, and achieve the purpose of strengthening the physique, preventing and treating diseases. Moreover, climbing can also cultivate people’s will and cultivate their sentiment.

In the frost season, although the sky is high and the clouds are light, the maple leaves are dyed completely, and it’s pleasant to climb high and overlook, but we should also pay attention to it. Health care experts here remind us to avoid low temperature morning and evening when climbing. When climbing, be calm and slow to avoid sprain of waist and leg; don’t walk too fast down the mountain to avoid knee joint injury or muscle strain. In the process of climbing, you should increase or decrease clothes to adapt to the change of temperature; when you rest, don’t sit on the wet ground or at the air outlet; when you sweat, you can loosen your clothes slightly and don’t take off your clothes or hats to prevent cold and cold.

Special attention should be paid to the caution of people with cardiovascular disease, emphysema and bronchitis. Those with good compensatory function of heart can take part in slight mountaineering activities, while those with poor compensatory function should not force mountaineering to avoid accidents.

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