What elements should men add?

The vast majority of male friends lack of care for their bodies, so when they are middle-aged and old, many diseases will come to their door. We all know that if we want to make our health less problematic, we must pay attention to diet and exercise. But for the vast majority of boys, they have their own way, is to take some tonic. In fact, these tonics may cause very serious injuries to our bodies. In fact, there are some basic elements, as long as they can be supplemented in life, they can have a good health effect on men.

1. Lycopene

In recent years, the incidence of prostate cancer is increasing year by year. The vast majority of male friends may have problems with their prostate gland. Only when they get sick can they maintain it and pay more attention to their kidneys and heart blood vessels. But in fact, once the prostate gets sick, it will be very serious. If you can add more lycopene in your life, it can play a role in the maintenance of the prostate. Lycopene has a very strong antioxidant effect, it can help us to prevent mental illness, and even play a role in cancer prevention and anti-cancer. Lycopene can’t be synthesized by our body. We must take it through diet. Usually our common foods such as tomatoes, watermelons and pumpkins are rich in lycopene. We can eat more.

2. Zinc

Many male friends sometimes feel that their physical fitness has declined, and their performance seems not as strong as when they were young. This is because their bodies lack a lot of zinc, which is one of the necessary trace elements. Especially for men, it plays a very important role in growth, reproduction, heredity and endocrine. If male friends lack zinc, it may affect sexual function and even semen. For some men who have sex more frequently, they have to add more zinc to keep their bodies young. Male friends can eat more oysters, lean meat and beans in life, which can effectively supplement zinc.

3. Calcium

Men’s bones are stronger than women’s. So for men, they’re hungry for calcium. As we grow older, calcium is lost at a faster rate. Therefore, male friends need to pay attention to calcium supplement. It is not enough for us to take calcium from food every day, so we have to make extra income. Male friends can drink more milk, also can eat more soy and eggs, which can effectively prevent orthopedic diseases. When adding calcium, you must pay attention not to overdose it, otherwise it may cause other injuries.

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