What are the methods of face plastic surgery

Every woman wants to have a thin face, which can make her facial features look more three-dimensional. However, because of congenital factors or bad living habits, it is better to go to the hospital to have a thin face operation.

1. Mandibular angle operation

Mandibular angle surgery is also known as bone cutting and cheek grinding, which has been favored by many young people. This method is suitable for people with obvious asymmetry of mandibular angle and natural square face. Although the operation is painful and the recovery period is relatively long, it will have obvious effect, which can make the facial line more abrupt, and make the facial contour look more delicate and smooth. The mandibular angle operation is to make an incision in the mouth, and no obvious wound will be seen.

2. Face reduction by injection

People with obvious masseter hypertrophy and asymmetric round face on both sides can get thin face by injection. Generally, doctors will inject it on both sides of the patient’s cheek. After injection, local massage is not necessary. As long as you do normal chewing exercise, you can make the liquid slowly spread in the facial muscle tissue.

3. Remove the fat pad on the face

Removing the fat pad of the face can quickly reduce the face, which can be completed in ten minutes. After the operation, you need to take antibiotics for five days, ice for three days, and then remove the thread for another seven days. After three months or so, you can see the obvious effect. This kind of method is suitable for the people with round face and asymmetric face on both sides.

4. Face liposuction

A large amount of fat will form double chin when accumulating on the face, and slight droop will appear when the face skin is loose. This kind of people can choose the way of liposuction on the face. The doctor will mark the beauty lover’s face, and then choose a unique anesthesia way to extract the excess fat. Generally, it will take about a week to reduce the swelling, and there is no need to worry about the wound healing.

5. Pull out wisdom teeth to thin your face

Extraction of wisdom teeth can achieve the effect of thin face, but the premise is that the skin muscles should be thin, if the muscle layer is thick, the tooth extraction will not see the obvious effect. The facial contour is mainly composed of teeth, mandible and zygoma. The facial skeleton will not change after the teeth are pulled out. If the wisdom teeth are not in the right position, there is a risk of tooth extraction.

6. Zygomatic plastic surgery

People’s facial lines are mainly composed of cheekbones and mandible angles. If the cheekbones are too high, the face looks larger and the face looks bad. If the cheekbones are reduced or reduced, the face will look more delicate and compact.

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