These six kinds of people are not suitable for eyebrow tattooing.

Now semi permanent eyebrow lines are becoming more and more popular, and many eyebrow designers have doubled their business. The reason is that after the eyebrow tattoo operation, there is no need to worry about makeup. People with fair skin can go out by washing their faces directly. So what kind of people can’t have eyebrows tattooed? Interested friends, come and have a look.

1. Post operation or large area trauma patients

After their own surgery or trauma, usually need to take a certain dose of drugs. In addition, the body itself will have antibodies. If you tattoo your eyebrows at this time, you may have side effects.

2. Patients with poor coagulation mechanism

People with poor clotting mechanism usually have wounds in the body, and there are not enough platelets in the blood to stop bleeding, which may lead to endless blood flow. Although the slight wound caused by eyebrow tattoo is not easy to cause bleeding, people with this constitution should pay attention not to eyebrow tattoo.

3. Pregnant and lactating women

If you have detected pregnancy, it is recommended not to wrinkle eyebrows, because the stabilizer used in cosmetics is not good for the skin, and may have a certain impact on the baby. In line with the principle of responsibility for the health of infants, it is necessary to be strict with yourself. If you want to breast feed your baby, you are not recommended to frown. Because auxiliary products such as pigments and painkillers will be absorbed by the skin, some pigments may diffuse into the emulsion through the blood, and your baby’s health will be damaged.

4. Patients with seasonal herpes

Labial herpes virus is carried by many people in the body, but in case of seasonal attack, professionals should be consulted for treatment, such as intravenous injection or oral antibiotics and vitamins three days before operation.

5. The cuticle of the skin is very thin

Because the cuticle of the skin is thin and stained poorly, or it is difficult to dye due to endocrine disorders, the thin skin heals slowly, which is easy to cause infection and inflammation. Patients with sensitive skin and skin inflammation need to be cured before operation to avoid adverse reactions or to consult a doctor before operation. Only in this way can we operate, make eyebrows more vivid and natural after operation, and avoid frequent surgical pain.

6. People with severe scar constitution

This kind of person is mainly a problem of recovery mechanism. It is difficult to recover the skin from a slight injury. Generally, there will be symptoms of scars. Instead of the eyebrow lines, they leave scars.

The above is about what kind of people can’t do eyebrow tattoo. I believe that you have a comprehensive understanding of this problem after reading the above content. In the future life, if you want to tattoo eyebrows, you must pay attention to whether they belong to the above six types of people. If you belong to them, you can’t tattoo eyebrows. I hope the above content can help you.

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